Monday, August 28, 2017

Best Neighborhoods Near Lansing – the Most Livable Areas near the State Capital


The state capital of Michigan, Lansing is an important cultural, educational, industrial, commercial and economic center for the entire state, with lots of great neighborhoods attracting people from all over the country – here is a short list with the best districts around the city:

  •     Williamston – located at 14 miles off Lansing, the town is one of the state’s high-income areas and a settlement with all the amenities one needs for comfortable life. Considered to be a commuter town, Williamston is quaint and quiet, with very low crime rates and a great, family-friendly environment,
  •     Haslett – just 9 miles off Lansing, this bedroom community is easily accessible by bike and by car. With its population of around 12,000, Haslett is comfortably sized, but not too large and the proximity of the large and beautiful Lake Lansing makes it a very attractive neighborhood.  Many of the homes have had expert Lansing window replacement contractors install updated windows, giving the exteriors a new and fresh look,
  •     Okemos – one of the most livable settlements in the entire state, Okemos combines small town atmosphere with city-standard amenities. Real estate prices are a bit higher than the average in Michigan, but a short visit to the town will convince you that it is an excellent place to live in, perfect for raising kids and living a balanced life.


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