Monday, August 21, 2017

Top Real Estate Areas in Michigan

Michigan is known as the state that has almost 65,000 lakes and ponds and also one of the most rapidly developing states in the US. The state’s growing economy has made Michigan one of the most desirable areas for real estate buyers as well as for those looking for rentals – here are the best places in the state:

  • East Grand Rapids – if you are looking for an area with a tight-knit community where criminality is close to zero and schools are excellent, this great suburb of Grand Rapids is perfect for raising children.  The homes are well taken care of, Lansing siding companies take care of the exteriors, and the neighborhood is clean.
  • Northville – this suburb of Detroit has a very special, cozy atmosphere with its small park that serves as the venue of great concerts and its great offerings for families with children. There are lots of shops in Northville and schools are top-notch.
  • Milford – a great, fun town just off Detroit, with lots of great shops and restaurants. There are lots of great schools to choose from and the activities available for kids and adults alike.
  • Plymouth – a town just around 20 miles from Detroit, combines small town charm and top-notch, big-city level amenities. The town is kid-friendly, too, with great schools and there are lots of cultural and entertainment opportunities as well.

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