Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Michigan Construction Trends – Present And Future

At a national level, statistics show that this year, the spending in the construction sector doubled compared to the year before. Michigan is no exception, and actually, it appears to have one of the highest new construction rates in the US, due to specific factors including good economic indicators, easy access to mortgage loans etc.

Homes are going up pretty fast here, that`s for sure, creating a need for professional Lansing siding companies and roofing contractors, also current trends that are also estimated to continue in the future, include:

  • An increasing need for apartments, senior living designs and long-term care facilities
  • Investments in sustainable urban growth

This translates into combining residential and commercial places, in accessible areas (by foot or by vehicle), connected to an efficient public transportation network

  • Better overall house-efficiency

People seem to be focused more and more on energy efficient materials that they want to incorporate throughout their homes. This trend is reflected into the increased popularity of solar panels, in many areas of the state, in energy-efficient appliances and other materials.

  • Bigger and better garages

Yes, the garage seems to get more attention now than in the past. People are interested in enlarging their garages, adding more security, using insulated doors and more organizational features.

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