Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Why Should You Replace Your Old Windows with Newer, More Robust Products?

There comes a time in the life of every beautifully crafted old home when its windows are no longer what they used to be. Although such a situation doesn’t always warrant the need for replacement windows – since some windows can be repainted, repaired or reconditioned to look brand new – in many cases, you’ll find yourself having to think of the safety and resilience of your home, and start browsing the internet for contractors and providers that can help you out.


Extensive Wear and Damage


What could lead to windows being so damaged that you simply have to replace them? The main reasons are wear and damage. Although the former is simply the effect time has on old windows, the latter can be more complex, referring to anything from storm and hail damage to extensive flood damage:


  • If your windows have been through many difficult snow storms, or have been damaged by hail or flooding, it might be time to think about having them replaced. In some cases it’s even unavoidable. You can’t rely on extensively damaged windows to provide you with the safety and security your home requires.
  • Windows subjected to extensive wear over time may also have to be replaced. In most cases, however, this will depend on the types of windows you own, since some brands and materials are far more resilient than others.
  • Does your home need a serious makeover. Old windows, even if they’re functionally sound, might have gone through a lot, warranting a replacement merely to improve on your house’s aesthetic appeal.


The Importance of Energy Efficiency


Upgrading old windows is also a good enough reason to spend a little extra on new products that can keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.


New products are available that can do just that by using high end insulating glass and other products designed to prevent the past issues you’ve had with drafty windows. According to experts, a new set of windows can lead to electricity and gas bills that are 10% to 25% lower than with your older windows.

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